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BET awards turns into fighting match

Hello World–Anthony here. It’s time to catch up on the latest celebrity news and gossip and that us all talking this past week.

Award show season is still in full effect and this week was no different with BET holding their seventh annual Hip Hop Awards.

The ceremony was supposed to honor some of the greatest artists in rap and hip hop from the last year with several artists slated to appear and perform.

So what do you get when you combine a ton of rappers with way too much money and BET in one place? Rachetness.

A fight between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy took place backstage with both parties reportedly pushing and shoving each other until authorities had to separate them.

Another incident also took place between rapper Gunplay and a member of 50 Cent’s entourage, with the former having to be pepper sprayed.

Shake my head.  Someone tell these grown men to have a seat. They make too much money to go around fighting other grown men for no apparent reason.

BET has issued a statement diffusing both altercations (side eye) and stated that the show will still air on Oct. 9.

In news that is sure to catch some rappers eye (I’m looking at you 2 Chainz and Juicy J), pole dancing could be on its way to becoming an Olympic sport.

Several member of the U.S. Pole Dancing Federation have started a campaign to push the Olympic committee to add pole dancing as an Olympic sport.

This comes in time for the U.S. national pole dancing competition that will kick off this weekend in New York.

So it looks like instead of bands making her dance, we will soon see if a gold, silver or bronze medal will make her dance.

Speaking of strippers, it was announced that Nicki Minaj would be getting her own reality show on the E! Network.

The show will follow the rapper/singer as she juggles her music career and multiple business ventures with being a new judge on American Idol.

There is no word on when the show will premiere, but Ryan Seacrest’s production company, Seacrest Productions, will produce it. Seacrest Productions is also responsible for bringing everyone’s favorite family to television– the Kardashians.

Between all the wigs, colorful clothes and her split personalities, the show could be an interesting look into Minaj’s world. We will just have to wait and see if Minaj will decide to bring Barbie, Roman and Martha along with her.

Let’s just hope she doesn’t go Sybil on us and keeps all her personalities in check.

As always be sure to tune into Pop Addict next week to see what went down in the world of celebrities.  Until next time my fellow pop culture enthusiasts.



Slang used:

Ratchetness- behavior that is questionable and shameful.

Side eye- a look given to a person or place that has did or said something questionable.

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