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Battle of the Chefs great success

The battle of chef’s cooking competition was took place on yesterday at Hopper dining hall.

“This is the first annual cooking competition we provide here at VSU, it is based off the TV show called Chopped from Food Network”Allison Mitchell, senior marketing manager at Valdosta state dining, said. “We’ve had ramen noodle contest before, but we wanted to bring it up to upper level, with real fresh meats and vegetable. ”

 There were four groups with 11 students as participants. They got to pick the types of meat and vegetables first at the beginning and prepare one dish within one hour of time limit.

  Each team however, gets a professional chef as mentor for students to give advice.

“We were trying to provide something that our students might like, wanted to give them professional experience with not frozen, but the real food and with audiences.”Mitchell said.

 The dishes were evaluated by its taste, originality, presentation how well the team describe the dishes, its visual and sanitation by the judges. The contest was judged by four judges: John Crawford, vice president for university advancement ; Sue Fuciarelli, vice president for finance and administration; Dr. Rob kellner, Director of auxiliary services ; Dr. Dacia Charlesworth, VSU’s first lady and university ambassador.

 “All of these dishes were looks great and taste great.”Fuciarelli said.”I really enjoy been participate as the one of the judge today.”

 Also many of the audience seemed had a good time as watching other fellow students cooking.

 “I think it is great for VSU students to get an experience of cooking and competing with others  not just come to the dining and grab a plate.” Carolyn ayinal, senior, psychology, said.

 Prized were given for each participants as well.

 The event ended with a great success and a crowd of audiences. VSU dining is hoping to continue to have the event.

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