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Repertory dancers perform for full house

The VSU Repertory Dancers delivered a strong and consistent performance with its concert “Fresh Tracks” which ran from Oct. 4-7 at Sawyer Theatre.

“The turnout was very good– we had a pretty full house every day,” Catherine Schaeffer, choreographer, said. “I think it was a very strong concert, well rounded, and the people really seemed to enjoy it.”

“Fresh Tracks” was comprised of six different pieces each bringing their own diverse element of the dance world together to create a melting pot of dance genres.

“It was definitely a little bit of everything together,” Astrid Scheib, a junior art major, said. “It was unique. It had a lot different things all put together from different dance times.”

Fresh Tracks captured the attention of audience members with “Call of the Beat”, a percussion piece that included stimulating rhythmic elements that Eric Nielsen, head of VSU’s dance program, created with his Music Analysis for Dancers class.

“I think the performances have been good,” Tori Brown, a freshmen pre-nursing major, said. “The dancers are really talented and I can see that they’re very skilled and passionate about what they do.”

“Fluttering Awake/ Wash Over Me”, choreographed by Sarah Arnett, featured a fresh twist on ballet and the first VSU stage appearance by Larren Woodward.

“It was my first stage appearance at VSU, so I was very excited,” Larren Woodward, a freshmen musical theater major, said. “Each crowd so far has been so responsive and so energetic.”

According to Schaeffer, “Axis” was about falling on and off your axis in life. The contrast was between very strong masculine movement and a softer women’s movement. It was a response to how things blow in and out of your world and un-center you.

“I’ve never really been to a dance recital before so I was surprised at how well they danced,” Job Cannon, a junior physical education major, said. “I think they were all amazing actually. I was surprised that VSU had so much talent in dance. The concepts they had were amazing.”

“Axis “also featured original music by faculty member Christopher Bailey.

“Intimate Echoes” showed the many changes relationships can experience as they advance through time and space.

“People will be able to really pull something from it,” Arnett said. “It’s a little bit more difficult to watch because it’s very much about the emotions and the connections. But really beautiful.”

“Time Out” was a visually stimulating and theatrical piece due to vivid costumes and an electrifying set design.

“All the routines are really good,” Kiara Wilson, a freshmen accounting major, said. “I love it so far it’s just been amazing.

Arnett incorporated her love of jazz music into “Habit of Change” which made for a beautiful ending to a magical dance concert.

“I thought it was great– the last one especially in the all black outfits was fantastic with the jazz,” Jenny Kortrey said. “I like it.”

“We try to make our concerts as diverse as possible,” Nielsen said. “We try to entertain as well as educate artistically and we try to balance heavy and light. We offer variety so that there’s at least something for everyone when they come to the concert and I hope that will continue to happen.”



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