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Power outage strikes Saturday

Students awoke to the beeps of appliances and hot air in their rooms Saturday morning on main campus after a squirrel chewed through an electrical line causing a power outage according to VSU’s Director of Communications, Thressea Boyd.

“I woke up and wondered why the fan wasn’t on,”Shaniqua Bonvillain, a junior, biology major, said.  “Eventually I realized it wasn’t coming back on.”

Buildings affected from the power outage included Hopper and Langdale Halls, as well as the Psychology building.

“The main building that was affected was Hopper Hall,” Boyd said.

According to Boyd, a motor burned out in Langdale Hall, fountains had to be reset and air conditioning in Hopper Hall was not turned back on until Tuesday afternoon.

“On the way to class, I overheard some people saying they did not get any sleep due to the air conditioning and rooms being so hot,” Bonvillain said. “When the air came back on I thought it was a mirage. I closed my window and just relaxed in the cold air that started coming through.”

Bonvillain expressed that though the air was back on, the hallways are still really warm in Hopper Hall.

Saturday was also Visitation Day for incoming and perspective VSU students along with their parents.

The power outage made serving meals difficult for the masses according to Boyd, but VSU Dining services did their best in accommodating everyone.

“There were some logistical things as far as getting visitors fed,” Boyd said. “Chartwells worked very closely with our team to help with that situation and help everybody get taken care of.”

Boyd also thanked VSU Police, Plan Operations, Auxiliary services and Housing for doing a great job.

Yet students like Bonvillain were not ready to applaud the efforts of schools actions.

“My mother was very concerned about the power going out and air conditioning shutting off for days,” Bonvillain said. “Also, I have eczema so it being so hot was hell. I wonder who I speak to in order to pay my dermatology bill because I now have a rash.”




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