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CORE to host campus campout on front lawn

By Brian Hickey


CORE will host Campout on Campus at 1 p.m. on Friday on the front lawn to promote free outdoor activities and events.

The event, which was a collaboration with other campus organizations, will include slackline, an inflatable challenge course, a kickball tourney, ultimate Frisbee, a photo booth and the showing of “Total Recall” at 7 p.m.

Slackline, an activity where a rope is tied between two trees and students are able to walk across it, is known to provide great entertainment to both beginners and those that are advanced.

“The best way to describe it is a combination of a tight rope and a trampoline, Sean Wilkinson, a graduate assistant, said. “We’re going to have a beginner’s slackline and we’re going to be teaching people how to do it. We want people to be walking by the time they leave.”

Another major event CORE is looking forward to introducing is the Photo Booth. Students will be given some of CORE’s many outdoor equipment such as their big inflatable white water rafts and placed in front of a green screen where they will be simulating the activity they are portraying. This was designed in hopes that students would be able to connect to friends and CORE via Facebook.

“At that moment we will be uploading the pictures to the CORE picture page and students will be able to go on and like and tag themselves to the pictures,” Wilkinson said. There will also be sunset yoga.”

Several students are anxious yet excited about Friday’s event.

“I am very interested in CORE’s new event,” Tremaine Genias, a sophomore political science major, said. “I’ve never been one to like it before but I’m sure it’ll be fun.”

Wilkinson is thankful for the help from other organizations.

“Props to CAB, they really helped us out,” he said. “We reached out to them not knowing what would happen and they are providing a lot of cool stuff.”

Wilkinson encourages students to come out for a night of fun.

“Be sure to come out and show your support to CORE this Friday,” he said.

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