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Pop Addict: Beyoncé belts it out, boy bands return to touring

Hello World—Anthony here bringing you all the latest news in the world of entertainment.


Kicking things off this week, Beyoncé continued her reign over the world by singing the national anthem at Barack Obama’s inauguration.


Always having the tendency to be extra, Beyoncé gave a show stopping performance of “The Star Spangled Banner,” complete with pulling out her ear piece and belting out the final verse like she was singing for her life.


Little did we know, all that was for nothing because home girl wasn’t even singing. Like a drag queen lip-synching for his life on RuPaul’s Drag Race, the only thing Beyoncé was doing at the inauguration was showing Britney Spears how a proper lip-synch is done.


In other inauguration news, a GIF went viral of First Lady Michelle Obama throwing some major shade at House Speaker John Boehner.


At one of the inaugural dinners, Chelly O was seen having a conversation with the House Speaker when she turned her head and rolled her eyes. BURN!!!!


Who knew the Inauguration was filled with so much drama!


Speaking of eye rolls, it was announced that former boy bands New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees, and Boyz II Men would be joining forces and going on a tour in North America called the Packaged Tour.


NKOTB member Donnie Walberg said in a statement,


“Ladies, we’re coming for you, this is going to be the craziest year yet-the single, the album, the tour with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men … we can’t wait to give fans ‘The Package!’”


Also known as we’re all getting old as salt and the rent isn’t going to pay itself.


If y’all are still checking for these fellas, tickets are available on Ticketmaster.


The “Real Husbands of Hollywood” premiered on BET to some of the best ratings the network has seen since ‘The Game” made the move from the CW to the network.


With a stellar cast of Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon, Boris Kodjoe, JB Smooth and Robin Thicke, the show is a scripted comedy that takes aim at making fun of the Real Housewives franchise.


With 4.4 million viewers tuning into the premiere episode, rumors have started swirling that BET is considering renewing it for a second season.


That’s it for this week, be sure to tune into Pop Addict next week to catch up with what’s going on in the entertainment world.


Slang used


Extra (adj 🙂 characterized by excessive personality


Throwing shade (verb 🙂 to act in a jealous manner toward someone

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