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Web Exclusive: Spec Tech

By Steven Setser

Welcome back to another issue of Spec Tech.  This week Google kills a product, Windows 8 price increases and LG is rumored to have a new phone on the way.

Imagine having the first social streaming media player. In June Google released the Nexus Q, an orb that allowed you to stream music from your phone/tablet to a home entertainment center.  Now that sounds awesome, but not at a price of $300. Upon initial negative reviews from critics, Google refunded customers and stopped selling the product.

It is now dead, but could it be revived in May at Google’s I/O conference?

Are you one of those people who like BlackBerry’s?—the phone not the fruit. Well, on Jan. 30, RIM will finally unveil the BlackBerry 10.  This might be RIM’s savior or final nail in the coffin.  I will report more on this as information becomes available.

If you have thought about buying Windows 8, buy it now! The limited pricing of Windows 8 will expire at the end of January.  Right now you can upgrade for $40, but after this month it will cost $120, and Windows 8 Pro will cost $200.

The LG Optimus G Pro is on the way.   It’s rumored to have a 5-inch HD display, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and a 13 megapixel rear camera.  It would also ship with Android 4.1—Jelly Bean.

That’s it this week folks.  Have a great weekend and come back next week for another issue of the Spectator.

Question of the Week: What phone would you like to see more: an iPhone 5S or a Samsung Galaxy S4? Email me at smsetser@valdosta.edu

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