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Two Friends Café & Market is a pleasant mixture of charm and sophistication. From the atmosphere to the menu, the experience was superb.

‘Two Friends’ offer high quality food on its menu

Written by Amber Smith and Jennifer Gleason


Amber: So this week, Jennifer and I decided to see what Valdosta had to offer in the way of breakfast foods. We headed out to Two Friends Café & Market, but were not aware of the adventure we were in for.

Jennifer: Verizon’s navigational app on Amber’s phone wasn’t even sure where to spot the place. The little “B” indicating our destination on the map was in the middle of some land with no correct turn-off in sight. We ended up circling between Inner Perimeter and Country Club Road for awhile.

Amber: Two Friends is not visible from the road, so while Jennifer was trying to figure out where my GPS was sending us, I was trying to figure out where I needed to turn off of Oak Street Extension to get to where I could see the place. When we finally found it, it was completely worth what I saw. The place looks like a whimsical hidden cottage from a fairy tale.

Jennifer: The inside of the restaurant is definitely modern and upscale-looking. It is very much like a café spot you would expect on a “country club” type of road. The interior was complete with dark wood and modern, sleek furniture. The bar had visible chrome appliances, wall-to-wall glasses and a small view into the kitchen. The chairs and tables setup around the restaurant were comfortable and made the experience an intimate and peaceful morning between friends.

Amber: We were greeted with “good mornings” as we walked in. The host stood up from the bar and took us immediately to a table near the market side of the establishment. I stared at the menu full of appetizing dishes and struggled with the choice between a breakfast sandwich and French toast. In the meantime, I ordered my coffee.

Jennifer: I knew I was hungry, and their breakfast menu did not make my decision easier. There was a breakfast plate where a few swappable options were given. I ended up ordering a coffee (pouring a large amount of sugar and cream into the mug to kick-start my morning) and got my breakfast plate complete with scrambled eggs, grits (that were perfectly seasoned with what seemed like a nice, light balance of butter and possibly salt), ham and sweet potato biscuits. I particularly loved having a cold glass of water with my coffee—typically I have to ask for that separate. My first bite into the sweet potato biscuits sold me. I was tempted to put jelly on it, but instead enjoyed it as it was. Eventually Amber and I swapped a biscuit for a bite of her bourbon vanilla French toast. The French toast was savory and the vanilla flavor was rich. Had I not had such a hankering for a traditional breakfast spread, I would have ordered the French toast instead.

Amber: Kudos to Two Friends for bringing us water with our coffee. I don’t think I’ve been to any restaurant that did that. We thought it to be a very thoughtful gesture. I decided to order the Bourbon Vanilla French Toast and it was great. It was just sweet enough to make me a little giddy on sugar, but not overly sweet like processed French toast from the grocer’s frozen foods section. The hint of vanilla sets this French toast apart from other recipes I have tried. The cute little pitcher that the syrup came in was a nice touch, too. According to the bio on the restaurant’s webpage, “Locally owned and operated, Two Friends Café & Market is a pleasant mixture of charm and sophistication with an atmosphere designed to make our customers feel at home.” Mission accomplished. It continues, “Our menu selections are made of fresh and high quality ingredients…” You can really taste the difference. From the atmosphere to the menu, the experience was superb.

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