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Lil’ Kim tweets fighting words about Wendy Williams

Written by Anthony Pope


Hello World—Anthony here again bringing you all the news in the entertainment world this week.

Somewhere at Disney World, Mickey Mouse is throwing a major side-eye and yelling ‘I told you so’ at the heavens because the love that house of mouse built just might have come crashing down.

After more than three years of dating, America’s favorite Tennessee hillbilly, Miley Cyrus, and her fiancé Liam Hemsworth, have broken up according to Page Six.

Rumor has it that the straw that broke the camel’s back was when Hemsworth was caught leaving a pre-Oscar party with professional home wrecker and actress January Jones.

The other theory is that Hemsworth just couldn’t handle Cyrus’ hard partying ways. From alleged heavy marijuana use, to rumors of underage drinking, Liam probably thought that Hannah Montana was doing too much and had to cut her loose.

Oh well, at least Miley can take solace knowing that she’s filthy rich and only 20 years old. There will be plenty of time for her to find someone who isn’t after her money (that probably will never happen.)

From the backwoods to New York, apparently Lil’ Kim doesn’t like it when you talk about how her face looks similar to when you let a 3-year-old use the blur tool on Photoshop.

The Queen Bee took aim at talk-show host Wendy Williams on Twitter when Wendy tweeted she would be discussing Kim’s face after pictures surfaced of her looking a little too fresh off the surgeon’s table.

Lil Kim tweeted, “@WendyWilliams Bitch Y didn’t U Show the side by side pic. This pic is photoshopped and U know it. U hating Bitch.”

Kim then continued on a tweeting tangent about the talk show host’s comment.

“It’s time for the world to know,” the tweet read.  “I’m not playing with yo ass no more. Let’s Get It!”

It’s obvious that Lil Kim is still trying to stay relevant by igniting Twitter wars with other celebrities; we’re going to use the term “celebrity” loosely here.

The only thing Kim proved was that she is too lazy to spell out words. Can someone please tell her to have a seat and hand her a trip to a reconstructive surgeon to fix that face of hers?

Moving on to something more random than the color of Lil Kim’s skin, a bunch of celebrities and public figures appeared to be hacked when all their financial information was posted on a website.

The hackers targeted celebs such as Beyoncé, Ashton Kutcher, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Mel Gibson and Kim Kardashian.

Information containing their credit reports and other financial information was readily available for the world to view.

While most news organization wouldn’t link to the website, as of press time the website was still up and running.

So if you’re curious to know whether some of your favorite celebs are really making it rain or not, one Google search should bring you to the website.

As always tune into Pop Addict next week to see what’s going on in the entertainment world.


Slang used:

Side eye- a look given to someone who asks in an odd manner.

Queen Bee- a nickname for Lil’ Kim

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