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GSA hosts “Gay-mazing” Race Scavenger Hunt

Written by Stephen Cavallaro


On Monday, The Gay-Straight Alliance held a game night from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom 1 to promote bonding amongst members.


This game night featured the Gay-Mazing Race—a scavenger hunt in which teams of four assembled and set out to cover 15 checkpoints scattered around campus. Ten checkpoints were riddles, while the other five required a physical task.


The first team to cover all checkpoints and make it back to the starting point within one hour won the grand prize– a GSA T-shirt.


The hunt was designed to emphasize and use the power of social media. When a team reached a physical checkpoint, they were required to take a group photo and tweet said photo as well as their location with the hashtag #GayMazingRace.

At the meeting room, GSA officers kept in touch with members, and monitored their progress by tracking their tweets via Twitter; thereby promoting the organization on campus in addition to encouraging sportsmanship and fun.


GSA advocates an open membership, encouraging those who are interested to attend their meetings. The group stands as a place for people of different sexual orientations and ethnicities to unite and hangout.


The “Swag Daddies” took the win with group members Justine Proctor, Anisa Wright, Tevonna Nembhard and Kalin Allen


The grouped unanimously thanked GSA for hosting the “super fun” event.







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