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Senators seek to better SGA

Written by Joe Adgie


Ahead of the SGA elections, senators, executives, and visitors alike expressed their concerns in a town hall social on Monday night.

Among the things discussed was the visibility of the SGA senate, the activity of senators, and the website, which has not been updated in some time.

The SGA website has received very little updates since October of 2011, which was the last time the minutes were distributed.

“Anyone on the executive board can go to Richard Lee to have it updated,” Amber Worthy, SGA Vice President, said. “Someone could just take the minutes to Richard Lee, or to email him the minutes.”

Worthy also indicated that it could become part of the secretary’s job description to update the SGA website.

One senator went on a rant discussing the SGA’s image compared to other organizations.

“One thing I’ve noticed is that the student body doesn’t trust the SGA, because they don’t hear from SGA,” Edgar James, senator, said. “I’ve had the pleasure of going to the Parking and Transportation appeals committee, and every week I take something new, and I take it from that meeting. These meetings last an hour and a half to two depending on how many appeals there are, and I take it back to the student body, and that’s what they hear. They want to know why they got tickets for parking in a handicapped spot or a fire zone.”

James also lectured the SGA on what to do with what they learn from the students.

“This is a learning process,” James said. “If we take this information and we hold onto it for ourselves, it does nothing. A wise man takes out and teaches other people. If you’re elected to serve on this student body, you should be that wise man or woman that takes the information you learn and you go back out to the student body. That’s how we gain trust.”

Another senator took a shot at his fellow senators for “not using their voice”.

“The issue is not with the senate, it’s not with the individual,” Yannick Gill, senator, said. “There are about […] 13 people that if they were screaming right behind me, I would not recognize their voice, and I have been in almost every single meeting. They are simply not speaking. These are people that we, as a student body, have elected to represent us, and they refuse to use their voice.”

Gill warned everyone to “think about who you’re voting for.”

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