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SGA tackles election problems

Written by Joe Adgie


The SGA closed out the 2012-2013 year with a round of goodbyes and some further explanation as to what caused problems during last week’s SGA elections.

Ryan Baerwalde, outgoing SGA president, explained that it involved bills that were seemingly vetoed by accident by his predecessor.

“I had written quite a few amendments to the bylaws concerning election rules,” Baerwalde said. “I got them written, and got them passed, and unfortunately, somehow, they weren’t brought before President Graham Davis’s desk for him to sign, so in essence, they were vetoed.”

Baerwalde explained that this veto was completely accidental.

“Graham had no intention of vetoing it,” Baerwalde said. “It was just never put on his desk, and it was some sort of lack of communication.”

Baerwalde explained that he was not aware that his legislation had been vetoed, and put the legislation in his copy of his bylaws as if they had been signed.

The meeting was the shortest of the entire 2012-2013 year, lasting just over 10 minutes.

SGA members wished each other well on finals and a good summer.

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