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Counceling Center encourages communication

Written by: Olivia Gear

The infamous “we need to talk” conversation is usually seen as the beginning of the end of a relationship, but it may be useful to have the conversation before it gets to that point. VSU counselors can tell you why.

The Counseling Center will be hosting the “We Need to Talk” seminar on Tuesday from 4-5 p.m. in the Counseling Center conference room located in Powell Hall East.

The seminar will focus on communication within relationships and will be split into two sessions: the different love languages and communication styles. The first session is about different signs of affection and how to express that affection, and the second session will discuss how to properly communicate with loved ones.

“The goal of this event is to bring awareness to the Counseling Center as well as give students some information about communication,” Amy Dickinson, the seminar host, said.  “Even if you do not come to counseling afterwards you understand how to make your relationships better.”

Students who are having difficulties with their significant others, friends or family members are encouraged to attend this event; however, anyone is welcome.

The Counseling Center also offers couples’ counseling and individual counseling. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the sessions offered by the Counseling Center.

“Counseling is just about having someone to talk to,” Dickinson said. “It’s not necessarily for someone who has clinical depression; it’s for everyone, and it’s not as scary as people think it is.”

During couples’ counseling, couples discuss their issues with a counselor. Both participants have to sign a waiver so that the information discussed in each session is kept confidential.

To sign up for counseling simply contact the Counseling Center at 229-333-5940 or stop by their office.

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