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Lighting up freedom

Written by: Stephen Cavallaro


Marijuana is lighting up the media once again, as supports for the legalization of the plant get fired up for future elections.
Last year, I discussed how Washington and Colorado were the birthplace of a revolutionary breakthrough conceived in the name of freedom, when the sovereignty of these states chooses to allow the use and cultivation of marijuana within their borders.
During that time 50% of Americans believed the use of marijuana should be made legal. Now, the results of a recent Huffington Post poll have shown that 51% of Americans are in favor of legalization of the substance.
The following ten states are preparing to take their predecessors’ initiative by placing the legalization of marijuana on the ballot by 2017: Alaska, Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, Rhode Island, and Vermont.
Major contenders of marijuana-policy hope that Marijuana will soon be treated as alcohol in these states. Despite backlash from the biggest adversary to marijuana legalization, the justice department, marijuana is continuing to make breakthroughs across the nation. Over 300 Marijuana stores are preparing to open in Washington while In New Jersey, new legislation allows sick children to enjoy the health benefits of consuming the substance.
Marijuana is prevailing against big government. Why? Because people are beginning to trust their own experiences on the matter and not propaganda purported by the government in order to carry out their agenda. Marijuana has been used for a plethora of reasons for thousands of years.
Before states began exerting their power to push back the strain the federal government has exerted upon them last year, Marijuana, while still illegal, was essentially left alone and is still used as widely today as it was in the 1980’s; now the substance has been condemned by the FDA, who denies that Marijuana is less toxic than alcohol and claims the ‘drug’ is a gateway to its own dangers. Despite the FDA’s ruling, the active ingredient in Marijuana, dronabinol (THC), is on the FDA approved drug list.
In addition, Marijuana consumption is an activity that 17% of students at VSU have savored in the past year. Many of these students will face severe charges if caught by campus officials. Marijuana is not likely to cause someone to act aggressively because it usually reacts with the consumer as a sedative, so why should these students be convicted for merely enjoying a plant that, according to gallup, 38% of Americans have tried?
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