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Organization promotes women’s equality

Written by: Alexis Waters

From discussing women in ancient biblical times to supporting the college dreams of today’s middle school girls, the American Association of University Women has the equality of women covered.

The AAUW is the oldest national organization for the advancement of women and hosts several events that support all women of the Valdosta community.

The AAUW’s mission is to promote the equality, lifelong education and positive societal change for all women and girls. It serves as an advocate for women in education, employment and the family; it is a network dedicated to removing barriers that block women from full equality.

On Sept. 24, President Diane Holliman and Vice President Dr. Christine James of the AAUW gathered in the University Center’s Rose Room with other prominent women to discuss “The Lives of Women in the Ancient World and Biblical times”, the AAUW Sister to Sister event, and a political forum.

“The Lives of Women in the Ancient World and Biblical Times” was held on Tuesday. Dr. Fred Downing and Dr. Lily Vuong from the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies spoke at the University Center Theater from 7 to 9 p.m.

This event expressed what it was to be a woman in ancient biblical times.

“It was really interesting,” Simbi Akiolu, junior philosophy major, said. “(Dr. Vuong) basically talked about how women were seen as villains, virgins, victims or victors and how their role was downgraded.”

Another AAUW meeting took place yesterday from 5:30-6:30 at the Wooden Nickel restaurant on Inner Perimeter Road to plan the AAUW’s Sister to Sister event.

“Sister to Sister is a special event that brings middle school girls from nearby counties like Brooks, Lowndes, Lanier and Echols to visit Valdosta State University on a weekend to take part in college-style discussions and tour the campus,” Christine James, AAUW vice president, said.

Members of the Valdosta Branch of AAUW initiated this event 14 years ago to provide a forum that addresses the issues of self-esteem, body image, peer-pressure, self-respect and abstinence that impact the lives of early teen girls.

The AAUW will also host a political forum, which gives residents of Valdosta and Lowndes County a chance to meet candidates running for office. This event is set for Oct. 15 at 7 p.m. in the VSU Continuing Education Auditorium.

If interested in volunteering for this event, contact the Coordinator of Volunteers/Reference Librarian, Deborah Van Petten via email at dvanpett@valdosta.edu or via phone at (229) 245-3749.

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