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SGA wants change in transcript policy

by Joe Adgie


If the SGA has its way, students could be forgiven for failing a class if they pass it a second time.

That, along with several other issues, was discussed at Monday night’s SGA meeting at the University Center, a meeting that was also marked by the filming of a rap video.

Presently, the policy for academic forgiveness entails all classes being on a student’s record, whether they failed them or not and whether they retook them or not, with the grades of a class redo being averaged with the first attempt. Concerns have been raised about this, and Tamelonie Thomas, SGA senator and chair of the Student Affairs Committee, expressed these concerns to the SGA.

“I know a lot of students feel that they deserve (a) second chance when they go into that same course and are more motivated and go in there and do better than the first time,” Thomas said. “They would like to have their best grade put on their GPA rather than an average of the two.”

Thomas said that the Student Affairs Committee is only in the research phase of this proposal and have not heard exact opinions from students yet.

The meeting also featured discussion about a future memorial service for Marcus Holmes, the VSU student who was killed on I-75 in front of the Grove apartment complex on Sept. 17.

“We are planning to coordinate something in his memory the weekend of his 21st birthday, which is Sunday, Oct. 27,”SGA President Will Jimerson said in an email on Wednesday. “I listened to his friends to understand how we should go about this best and brainstormed idea.”

Also in the meeting, the SGA’s PR committee filmed a rap that involved the entire legislative and executive boards. It is a video and rap song intended to promote the SGA as a whole.

The PR committee used equipment that was borrowed from Media Services, so it did not cost the SGA any money. This equipment was mainly used, however, to film the meeting as a whole, to put on the SGA’s YouTube channel. This was the first SGA meeting to be filmed.

Valencia Warren, PR committee chair, however, was apparently not satisfied with the result of the filming.

“We got a lot of bad footage,” Warren said in an email on Wednesday.

Warren explained that the rap video would not be released but rather a preview of it would be released on Thursday.

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