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Gaga has bad luck, they read her ‘pokerface’

Written by: Anthony Pope

Hello, World—Anthony here bringing you the latest celebrity gossip that had us buzzing this past week.

It seems Hollywood has caught a major case of the babies. Several stars have revealed pregnancies in the last week.

Gwen Stefani, Olivia Wilde, Drew Barrymore and Kerry Washington are all reportedly pregnant with babies due in the spring and summer.

It’s apparent that there won’t be a shortage of new baby pictures gracing magazine covers next year.

Lady Gaga is having a rough week. First up, her fourth studio album “ArtPop” leaked online over the weekend. Leaks are normal for an album, but this was a full nine days before the album was released. Ouch!

Then came the news that she was parting ways with her manager of over seven years. She rounded that news out with the update that songwriter Teddy Riley is suing her for $500,000 for unpaid royalties on the song “Teeth.” Whew.

Someone needs to throw Gaga a life vest. Between all the negative press and the not-so-nice reviews of her new album, we may be seeing the end of the pop star. No shade no tea, but Britney Spears also released a new single this week that didn’t leak early.

Maybe Gaga can get some help from another troubled singer. Pop star Justin Bieber was spotted coming out of a brothel in Brazil last weekend.

Biebs was reportedly at the brothel for over five hours, but no word on if he engaged in any “activities” with Brazilian prostitutes.

That’s it for Pop Addict this week. Check back next week to see what your favorite celebrities are up to.

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