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Immersed in culture: Study abroad creates opportunity

Written by: Taylor Stone 

For many students, studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel outside of the “norm” and to experience a complete cultural immersion.

College universities provide a wide variety of academic programs in foreign countries for one key reason: to help you get a job.

Sure, you may want to study abroad because you have always wanted to walk up the Spanish Steps or see the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower, but the long term benefits will far outweigh your desire for an exciting summer overseas.

The opportunity to study abroad allows students to break out of the confines of the classroom and, in the process, acquire new skills through international experience that will expose them to new landscapes.

Students are also able to expand their current skills and abilities by adding a worldwide perspective to already-developed talents. This will show employers that potential employees are comfortable working in new environments with new people.

Expanding your studies in other countries will add weight to your future job prospects, letting employers see your versatility and your ability to thrive in a variety of different academic climates. More importantly, you’ll develop a strong sense of independence, the ability to make decisions and the determination to get things done on your own.

In addition to developing a sense of personal independence and responsibility, you will learn how to effectively manage your finances.

In most cases, you will be responsible for learning the native system of currency and managing your expenses within that monetary structure. The simple act of learning a new system of currency will make you more financially responsible, which is an attractive quality to have for future employers.

The simplest advantage to studying abroad is that it will make you a well-rounded person, giving you more to talk about in a job interview than simply the four years you spent in college.

With a semester of studying abroad under your belt, you will be able to speak passionately about your love for the country you studied in, the people in it and the opportunity of a lifetime that turned into a future of lifetime opportunities.

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