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Zimmerman goes toe to toe

Written by: Tyra Mills

The infamous tale of George Zimmerman, the vigilante who was acquitted of the killing of Trayvon Martin, may be taking an even more bizarre twist, one that might involve boxing gloves.

The Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman case caused a huge uproar across the nation and seemed to be relevant in the media for a great portion of 2013.

Shortly after being found not guilty, Zimmerman was right back in the social media spotlight for being arrested on accounts of pointing a gun at his girlfriend. He was released shortly after, and for a minute it seemed as though Zimmerman had finally decided to lay low and stay out of the public eye.

 I guess we all should have known better because Zimmerman has yet again set social media ablaze. There have been many rumors going around alleging a celebrity boxing match between Zimmerman and various artists. The Game and DMX are possible opponents that were brought up to supposedly get in the ring with Zimmerman. 

Zimmerman says he will donate all proceeds to charity, while The Game simply would like to “knock him out” and teach him that you can solve your disputes without a weapon. With The Game standing at about 6 foot 5 inches and weighing in at 240 pounds, Zimmerman may have his hands full.

 Regardless of who wins, one may wonder what result will come of this event? What exactly is this fight solving?

 Zimmerman will still live in infamy for the rest of his life. The Game and DMX will still have ill feelings toward Zimmerman, and the Martin family will still miss their deceased loved one.

 The Game has publicized his strong feelings on the Martin case time and time again, even getting Trayvon’s face tattooed on his body. We all know that The Game was outraged at Zimmerman’s verdict.

 If The Game thinks that boxing another man to teach him not to be violent will work, he should think again. It is kind of ironic that both The Game and DMX have written many rap songs about violence, guns, and fighting but now all of a sudden think three rounds in a ring with Zimmerman will be a good thing.

 I find this fight quite disrespectful to the family of Martin. Not only do they have to spend the rest of their lives missing their loved one, but now they also have to hear about, read about, and even see on TV the man who had a hand in Trayvon’s demise.

 If any celebrity really wants to help the Martin family, they should use his or her celebrity status to get the “Stand Your Ground” law amended.  


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