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First lab grown lung

written by: Ivey Ingalls-Rubin

Criticizing stem cell research became much harder to do when The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) first announced their resolution for growing human lungs in 2010.

Their research team has been working on engineering lungs for some time now, however the lung is a much more complex organ than you might think; with very different cell types that layer its entirety.

Utilizing the lungs from two trauma victims, the researchers were able to cut one lung down to its barest form, with only the main proteins of the connective tissue still involved. They proceeded to then harvest cells from the other lung, and placed the resulting lung configuration in a chamber to fester and grow.

Three days later a beautiful plump human lung awaited. It’s such a revelation to medicine because currently there are about 1,600 individuals waiting for lung transplants, and more often than not the organ will not arrive in enough time to save that person.

Dr.Michael Riddle of UTMB, has been credited for this 3 day procedure due to the fact that he accelerated the growth rate by his novelty and ability to safely improvise medical equipment.

“He’s the one who went home and actually built using – I’m not kidding – a fish tank that he went and bought from a pet store,” Dr. Nichols, a microbiologist from UTMB says.

A new age of medical breakthroughs may just keep the human race up and breathing quite well.


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