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Be on your best behavior, Blazers

Written by: Tyra Mills

Mind your manners VSU.

There are over 9,000 students who attend this university, meaning numerous friends to run into, lots of cars to beat for parking, and many new faces to see every day.   

Our campus isn’t so big to the point where you’re lost in a sea of people, but it isn’t so small to the point where everyone knows everything about everybody.  The size of our campus is just right, and enjoyable.

But I do not enjoy dealing with an older crowd that lacks manners.  Not everyone is without manners; I’ve seen some of the nicest, most chivalrous things done right here on campus. I have also witnessed negative situations that could’ve been prevented if people had remembered their manners.

When on campus, especially between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m., the walkways are crowded regardless of which route you take. People are everywhere at this time, coming and going from class, on their way to eat lunch, heading to the library, etc. There are people running, casually strolling, riding their bikes and skateboards, or playing around with friends.

Countless times I’ve been nudged, pushed over or almost hit by a bike or skateboard and had no one say “excuse me” or “I’m sorry.” I am constantly blessing people’s sneezes, holding doors for my peers and being polite, but people don’t seem to appreciate politeness anymore. 

Are we all used to being pushed and nudged in VSU’s hallways and walkways? Have we become desensitized? I hope not.

If someone isn’t polite to you, you shouldn’t pass that rudeness on to the next person. Students, let’s remember to hold doors for each other, to say “excuse me” if you accidently bump into someone and “I’m sorry” if you cause them to fall.

Yes, we all are on different pathways in life and are here for different reasons, but we are still one big family of Blazers and should be cordial and polite to each other.

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