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Say Hello to the Multiverse

Written by: Ivey Ingalls-Rubin


Hello? Is there anybody else out there?

Our universe does not solely exist on its own, according to an extraordinary claim that has captivated cosmologists.  If you’ve become a fan of science fiction then most likely you’ve come across this theory before.

The idea is that within this thing we’ve labeled time and space, there are innumerable other dimensions where reality varies from the one you’re currently reading this in. In theory our universe in its entirety is quite inconsequential, if you think about it on a cosmic scale. We are just one in countless others, all operating on their own yet linked to each other.

For example in a black hole, a singularity is believed to exist.  This means after a certain point all physical properties and laws cease to occur, this is also the point where prediction of physical behavior becomes impossible. Beyond this “event horizon” it is believed that there may be a complete different set of laws (or just slightly different ones) than what we’re aware of.  In other words, universes with the same or different constants could very be flourishing at this exact moment.

The word “Multiverse” can be explained in many different ways; often referred to as parallel universes. The theory states that there may be an infinite number of universes that compose every essence of existence.  Everything that encapsulates our reality, the entirety of space, time, energy, physical constants and laws also exist in another reality in a different dimension.

Some believe that it may go even further than that however; illustrating a portrait of an infinite set of universes all with endless numbers of galaxies, countless planets and stars, as well as limitless amounts of individuals with your unique name who are all taking time to read this and ponder.


To read more about multiverses and the information that gives weight to the theory please visit:





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