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To break or not to break?

Written by: LaShawn Oglesby

Today the fate of fall break and finals week will be decided by the faculty senate.

The senate will choose to either keep the current academic calendar schedule or adopt a new schedule from two proposals that are similar to one another.

The meeting is open to the public and will be held at 3:30 p.m. in the Magnolia Room at the University Center.

The current schedule involves a three-day exam schedule during finals week and no fall break. Both of the proposals include a two-day fall break while keeping a week-long break for Thanksgiving and adding a day to finals week.

In Nov. of 2013, the SGA conducted a survey that allowed students to choose their ideal academic schedule. The SGA is in favor of the new proposals, as is Assistant Professor of Marketing Dr. Aubrey Fowler, who is pushing for the second proposal specifically.

The difference in the proposals are the days in which certain breaks, midterms, the first and last day of class in the spring semester, and graduation fall on. The second proposal, unlike the first, would also provide a winter break during the spring semester.

The second proposal “accommodates the SGA and the student body desires for a fall break and a full week of Thanksgiving break,” as stated in the proposal summary by the SGA. The inclusion of a preparation day for finals week would also remain within the schedule.

If either proposal is chosen, it would not only affect students living in the residence halls but also students who live off campus with pro-rated rent. VSU students may face fee increases for housing from about $19 to $24 a day for each student for every day added to the academic calendar.

The second proposal includes the most added days and would therefore be the most costly for students, while the first proposal would be the cheapest route.


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