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Baby boomers, catch up with the millennials

By: Jordan Hill

People born between 1980 and 1995, the millennials, are thought of as selfish, lazy, spoiled and narcissistic.

That’s what some employers have to say about us. They think our parents do everything for us. They think we don’t work hard. They think we shouldn’t be told we’re special.

Past generations don’t agree with workers being praised or rewarded for the hard work that they do. But it’s good to have an initiative to work.

It’s important to take pride in the job we do. It’s also important to be noticed for the hard work that we do.

Baby boomers think it’s shameful that we have changed the work environment to be more relaxed. Employers are annoyed by the fact that we love casual Friday, nap pods and free donuts for breakfast.

The baby boomers generation thinks that because we grew up in a time where everyone was a winner or everyone was special, we’re dysfunctional. We expect things to be handed to us and aren’t willing to work for a promotion.

They think we live with our parents because we depend on them. If a 20-year-old lives with his or her parents, it’s because he or she is poor. We don’t live with our parents because it’s fun, we live with them because we’re fighting to break through the job world and support ourselves.

People say we keep our technology glued to our hands. What’s wrong with being connected to others?  We can talk to someone or find a piece of information at a moment’s notice.

When did it become a bad thing to not take your life as seriously as our parents did? Why can’t we wait a little longer to start a family? Sure, it may sound selfish, but we learn from our parents’ mistakes. We don’t want to sacrifice our family for our job only to be laid off and divorced.

We have taken on a terrible economy, rising college tuition and high unemployment rates.

We are financially aware and doing our best to combat our financial problems by working hard and trying to make it as fun and easy as possible.

Catch up with the times, baby boomers. Stop complaining and evolve like we are trying to do.


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