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Do Something, Obama

By Jordan Hill

President Barack Obama said he may need approval from Congress before handling the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria situation, to which he previously said he had no strategy for.

That’s funny. Only a few months ago did the president make a 5-1 trade without the approval from Congress.

After the beheading of two American journalists, President Obama spoke at a press conference and caused uproar when he said, “we don’t have a strategy yet.”

We have no strategy to deal with ruthless men who are beheading our American citizens and then putting the videos up for the world to see? It seems that Mr. President needs to get his priorities in line. It’s understood that America does not take terrorists lightly and without retaliation—for example, the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

Obama wants to ensure that ISIS is “manageable.” How do you manage killers? In a time when our president should be making us feel safe and stressing how he is handling the situation, he is doing the worst job possible.

In a side-by-side comparison between President Obama and Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, discussing the threat of ISIS, Cameron seemed sincere, protective and determined to protect his citizens.

Body language and confidence can mean a lot when you’re addressing a nation in fear.

It’s understandable that this problem is much bigger than we see. It’s understandable that President Obama needs to work with others to create a solution.

It’s not understandable that President Obama is leaving his citizens in a state of outrage and panic by telling us that he has no strategy to handle the people killing innocent Americans.


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