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Give Us Time To Get Our Textbooks

By Tatyana Phelps

Each semester, teachers tell students which books they need for class and expect them to have the books on the first week. But refunds never go out as early as the first week of class. This is where the issue occurs.

This semester, refunds won’t be released until Sept. 5 for students with direct deposit and Sept. 8 for students receiving it through the mail. That’s almost three weeks after the first day of class.

Although many teachers don’t take this into consideration, there are some that do. Some teachers upload PDF files to BlazeView of whichever parts of the book are necessary for reading assignments during the first couple weeks, which gives students more time to get their books. But for students with teachers who don’t do this, what happens?

Yes, students can transfer their excess funds to their FLEX accounts. However, this is the most expensive option there is. And unfortunately, money on students’ FLEX accounts can only be used on campus. Also, keep in mind that some students have to live off of their refunds, or at least what’s left of it after purchasing their books.

A lot of times, students who don’t have their books when the semester starts team up with other students who do have the books to get their work done. This can be very helpful, especially for students who can’t afford to choose the FLEX route and have to wait for their refund deposit. But there’s nothing like the convenience and luxury of students having their own books to use whenever and for however long they want.

To relieve students from worrying about how or when they’ll be able to purchase their books, either all teachers should try to make readings accessible to students during the first couple weeks of class or teachers should just wait to assign readings until refunds are deposited.


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