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Wesleyan University urged to go co-ed

By: Taymara Tait

According to a CNN article, Wesleyan University has ordered for fraternities on their campus to turn co-ed within the next three years.

The fraternities will be required to accept not only men, but women as well. The differences between men and women are no stranger to most; in fact, they’re pretty crystal clear.

So why should Wesleyan’s fraternities be forced to accept women in their fraternities? Women empowerment and feminist movements are strongly intact in our society. These movements and forms of enlightenment are what set women apart from men in particular.

In the case of sororities and fraternities, women and men should remain separate. There is no room to share the spotlight with both genders. They have different needs, wants and topics to discuss.

Some discussions among men should be kept among men and the same goes for women.

With hints of improving on-campus safety, there were no clear reports on why this implementation of women in fraternities is even necessary. In fact, a force on women to join fraternities at all is a waste. Do women even want to join co-ed fraternities to begin with?

This decision must be left up to the aspiring women who are interested. If this were to ever happen at VSU, the research on men and women’s differences are exceptionally important. Only then will individuals realize the significance of remaining distinctive when it comes to genders.

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