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Dedicated students deserve a free education

By LaMarcus Wilkerson

The abolishment of tuition is an American dream that will never come true – unless you move to Germany.

Recently, Germany eliminated tuition payments for German students and international students.

German universities are a nice alternative for American students who struggle to pay for college and don’t want to be saturated in debt.

However, nothing in life is free, and this program requires a source of funding in order to give free education.

The best case scenario is to raise taxes for Germans. However, a few problems could arise from this decision, and Germany’s economy may suffer.

If you’re an international student, who cares? You shouldn’t. You are only in Germany to get an education. After you graduate, you are still an American. You can return to the states and Uncle Sam will welcome you back with open arms.

However, if there is no tuition, there’s no set graduation date. Students can be more relaxed and less motivated.

One good thing about tuition is that it keeps us focused. Those of us who care about spending money won’t let it go to waste.

The opportunity to receive a free education is a blessing, but it should only be given to those who will cherish it and are dedicated to receiving a higher education.

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