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New Anonymous App Made for Students

Written By: Mayah Cantave

A new anonymous photo-sharing app for college students, Unseen, was recently released at Valdosta State University, and students are taking notice.


“It’s hilarious and entertaining, but it’s bound to piss someone off” Camille Pollitt, senior mass media major, said. “(It will make) me question the next time I Snapchat something.”


The app can be downloaded from the Itunes or Google app store. After you download the app, it asks for what school you go to. Students put in their school name, and the app shows you all of the anonymous pictures your fellow students have put up.


There is no sign-up, and the app does not ask for any personal information. It is completely anonymous unless you choose to give your information.


“No, I wouldn’t use Unseen,” Deborahlea Smith, senior music education major, said. “I’m not into that type of stuff”,


The Unseen app has been heavily compared to its competitor, Snapchat.


Unlike the Snapchat app, there is no time limit on viewing the images. Users are also able to comment on pictures. The app gives everyone who uses it a different picture avatar, such as a rocket ship, car or star, when commenting and gives you the same avatar if you comment again.


“Unseen provides a new way to find and connect with others facing similar challenges and struggles in a safe, anonymous way,” Michael Schramm, CEO of Unseen, said. “Social media today is inherently inauthentic and a glossy version of who we really are. We are creating a new, social way for students to be themselves and make meaningful connections.”


Unseen launched for the first time in May at Texas A & M. Now in mid-October, Unseen has been released at over 150 campuses.


Many students at VSU have not yet heard about the app, but the ones who have heard about Unseen are a little skeptical.


“I’ll probably look at this app all the time but be disappointed every time,” Nick Thompson, senior music education major, said.



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