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Daily Strange: New Yorkers Take A Bite

Written By: Ivey Ingalls Rubin


Did you know that for every shark bite in the world, 25 people are bitten by a New Yorker?

I’m not stating that sharks are harmless. They can be territorial and aggressive creatures and accidents do happen; just not as often as one might think.

People have become very comfortable with exploiting the image of these animals for various reasons’ one of which being money. This kind of fear frenzy does a lot of harm to these gorgeous, ancient animals. Now like I said, billions of people swim, dive and surf each year so there are accidents, but do you know how many?

Below I’ll give you just a few comparisons that I found quite interesting.

Did you know that in the United States and Canada, 40 people die each year after being attacked and or eaten by pigs? That’s about six times more than the amount of people that die from sharks worldwide!

Also, in Australia (where everyone claims all the ferocious great white sharks are) it’s 20 time more likely that you’ll drown than even be nipped by a shark.

The very last, and most crucial point to this article is that in NYC people are bitten 10 times more by other people than people are bitten by sharks in the entire world!

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