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Father Daughter Dance in Prison

The thought of a father-daughter dance is adorable. The dads wear nice suits and ties, and the daughters wear their nicest Sunday dresses.
However, this wasn’t just the typical father-daughter dance that children had in elementary school. In this case, the dads traded out their everyday inmate jumpsuits for finer suits.
A prison in Miami hosted its first ever “Daddy-Daughter Dance” back in early November. The intention of the prison officials was to inspire the men to become law-abiding citizens once they are released, according to CNN.
The argument exists that the prisoners should have thought about their daughters before committing a crime, but look at it from the daughter’s standpoint.
Just as it is so important for girls to have their mother in their lives, it is equally important for girls to have their fathers in their lives. With their fathers being in prison, those girls don’t have the same chances to do father-daughter things like many of their friends are able to do. There are so many things that a girl can learn from her father such as how to change a tire or how to work a drill. The presence of a father figure is just as essential as the presence of a maternal figure.
These girls didn’t ask for their fathers to commit crimes. They didn’t ask for their fathers to go to prison. They definitely didn’t ask for their fathers to be out of their lives.
It seems okay for fathers who have shown good behavior to be able to participate in the dance and to allow them time with their daughters that they’ve missed out on. Despite what they may have done to end up in prison, these men are human too and have families. It’s important that they stay connected to their families, especially their children.
Their daughters shouldn’t have to be robbed of a relationship with their dads just because their fathers made bad decisions.

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