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New Georgia law will help aid drug abusers

Written By: Lamarcus Wilkerson

Not long ago, Governor Nathan Deal signed a medical amnesty bill into law that prevents the persecution of anyone who seeks aid for an overdose victim, even if he or she was using.


Supporters of the new law say that it will save numerous lives.


Friends of an overdose victim will no longer have to jeopardize their freedom and can take their intoxicated pal to the hospital. However, if you let your friend overdose; you are a horrible friend. If you are more concerned about your freedom than your friend’s life, hopefully he or she will recognize you for the person you truly are.


Yet, all of this could simply be avoided if friends did not consume a substance that is life-threating. Not to mention, the fact that the drug was ingested means that they don’t care about their well-being. Obviously, drug abusers are more concerned with the amount of pleasure they receive.


Luckily, there are those select few individuals that care about your life more than you do and they were able to channel their pain and convince Deal to make it a law.


Their efforts may prevent future tragedies from happening and will keep the population consistent.


Supporters of the medical amnesty law have tragic stories. By sharing experiences and fears, backers of the bill were able to gain the support of Deal.


To anyone who wants to help a drug abuser who has overdosed, you won’t be arrested as long as you’re not trafficking drugs.


Georgia is the 15th state to pass some form of the law.


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  1. Laurie Fugitt, RN

    Another important part of the new law is that it makes the opioid overdose reversal medication (naloxone) available to the anyone who knows a person at risk. Peers and police have now reversed 72 overdoses since the law passed on 4/24/14. Check out http://www.georgiaoverdoseprevention.org (How to Get a Kit in the Menu tab) and follow us on Facebook at Georgia 911 Good Samaritan Law. Thanks.

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