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Photoshop too Far

by Jordan Hill

It is up for debate as to whether Bruce Jenner is actually turning himself into a woman. It is clear that the tabloids are swaying us to believe his Y chromosome is slowly transforming into an X chromosome with the help of devilish software—Photoshop.

All too often we see celebrities transformed into something they are not with the help of a skilled “Photoshopper.” Though tabloids are known for causing harm to reputations and feelings, the photo editors often create new people with the technology they have at their fingertips.

While Photoshop can be a great help to create cartoons, graphs and edit some mistakes out of pictures, it is being used as a tool to destroy lives.

Tabloids began the exploitation of celebrities’ lives through text stories, but have now transformed to physically exploiting celebrities. Some covers create cellulite on bikini-clad celebrities, delete the little extra fat from a woman, create reconstructive surgery on celebrities’ faces, or, in the fortunate case of Justin Bieber (fortunate for him), magazine add bulges and muscles where there originally were not any.

At a time when our society is begging people to accept their bodies and stop body-shaming others, what message is a Photoshopped celebrity sending? The changes that celebrities and magazines make for the industry is not surprising, but it is a tool that affects the everyday man or woman.

It is time for celebrities to embrace their natural bodies, just like they are asking society to do – without the use of Photoshop.

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