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Pop Addict: Suge Knight Homicide; Gaye family wins trial

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Kayla Stroud, Web Editor

Angie Stone Arrested
According to TMZ, singer Angie Stone was arrested for domestic aggravated assault after an altercation that involved both her and her 30-year-old daughter, Diamond. Stone allegedly punched her in the face, knocking out her front teeth. Stone claims that she was defending herself with a metal stand and accidentally hit her. Her daughter has come out stating otherwise.
Stone was later released.

Suge Knight Video’s Release
Video has surfaced of the deadly hit and run incident involving former rap mogul Suge Knight. Knight claims that he and the victim had gotten into a disagreement that led Knight to feeling “threatened.” According to him, in his efforts to escape, he hopped in his car to drive away—right over the victim. Then drove away from the scene. Um, okay. Now Knight, pulling from his bag of excuses, decided that the “I’m blind” is the best route to take. He showed up in court this week in a fancy pair of spectacles. No confirmation as to whether they’re actually prescribed.

The trial continues on.

Kim Kardashian’s Hair
Kim Kardashian has changed her hair. Would make an obvious Draco Malfoy joke, but can’t think of one. She has gone from her usual vibrant brunette locks to a fried Hulk Hogan blonde. But do whatever you want, Kim.

Iggy Tour Postponed
According to Billboard, Iggy Azalea had to cancel her Great Escape arena tour due to “tour production delays.” The news comes days after her opening acts Tinashe and Nick Jonas dropped out. This has allegedly been due to lack of promotion and conflict between her and her management. The tour allegedly will pick back up later in the summer.

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta
“Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” “star” and Steebie J’s favorite mistress, Joseline Hernadez, has come out and spoken about the legitimacy of the show. According to Hernandez, “Love and Hip Hop,” much like every other reality show that exists, is in fact staged; fake.
No one is surprised.

Robin Thicke-Blurred Lines
Pharrel Williams and Creepy Timberlake stand-in Robin Thicke are forced to fork out $7.3 million for their 2013 collaboration that would not go away— “Blurred Lines.” They were accused of sampling Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up” without permission. Gaye’s family did the smart thing and waited the song’s immense popularity out and filing for compensation two years later. Good on you, Marvin Gaye’s family. Good for you.

Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend displays erratic behavior during interview
During his sit down interview with Dr. Phil that aired Wednesday, Bobbi Kristina’s not-husband Nick Gordon showed up inebriated. He was slurring his words and was seemingly out of it. He was there in “attempt” to clear his name of the allegations of his part in Bobbi’s collapse that led to her recent hospitalization. Gordon has been under investigation for possible involvement.

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