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Pop Addict: ‘TIDAL’ waves for streaming music

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Kayla Stroud, Web Editor

enTIDALed celebs coming to collect your coins
Hollywood A-listers have come out in support of Jay Z’s new business venture “TIDAL”—a supposed new and innovative streaming service that is slated to offer consumers “better quality sound.” The whole thing comes off as some ploy to get more money.  Which you can’t even hate them for.

However, after the release of an embarrassing promo video where stars were acting like they’re saving the rain forest or curing cancer, fans and media have been dragging the service and everyone involved. Then the ridiculous press conference happened.

Seriously, even if I did shell out the cash for “Tidal,” I doubt I’d even notice the difference in quality with my cheap Wally World headphones. As long as it doesn’t sound like it was recorded with a potato, I don’t care. I think I’ll just stick with Spotify.

Former One Direction member Zayn Malik needs a new PR rep…like now
The breakup saga involving boy band One Direction rolls on as Malik continues to make questionable business decisions. After being separated for less than two weeks, Malik has already been spotted heading into the studio with close friend and music producer, Naughty Boy, fueling rumors of a possible solo project, which he denies.

Fans have compared the producer to Yoko Ono, claiming that he “brainwashed” Malik, turning him against his former band mates and trolling 1D fans on Twitter.

In another hilariously bad PR move, after angry fans attacked his Twitter, Yoko Boy took it upon himself to go out and leak an alleged demo of Malik. This, of course, caused even more hysteria. Funny stuff.

Now, 1D member Louis Tomlinson has jumped into the fray, calling him out for his tweets and his handling of the situation.

I don’t really blame Tomlinson for being upset. According to TheProvince.com, the rest of the group may lose out on a $15 million bonus due to Malik’s early departure.


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