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Pro/Con: Guns on campus


by Tierra Francois

We should all feel the need to protect ourselves, especially since people have become so unpredictable with their actions. Places such as, work, school, restaurants and shopping malls are not safe anymore. It is necessary for us to be able to carry a gun at theses places, but we should be able to do so without being judged.

According to the CDC and Donna Edwards, a representative of the Sandy Hook shooting, there have been 181 school shootings since the Sandy Hook shooting.

What if there was a school shooting, but there was not enough campus police in the area or the police did not come fast enough? Having your own gun could not only save your life, but also the lives of others. It is possible that if the teachers that were involved in these school shootings had guns, they could have prevented the many fatalities that occurred.

It is clear to see that because of the shootings, it is harder to have a gun, but this is somewhat of a good thing. This means that anyone with a criminal background or certain mental disorders cannot have a gun. For some people, walking around campus with a gun would not only make them feel safer, but it would also make them feel as though they are in control and can defend themselves. Guns were created for self-defense and should not be given to minors or irresponsible people.

Many places would be a lot more secure if they had people with knowledge of gun usage.


by Kenzie Kesselring

Allowing guns on college campuses is a horrible idea.

A college campus is a place where debates ensue, the stress level is high and people’s differences are highlighted daily. This is the case for every college campus across the country and it makes for a dangerous place to allow guns.

Have you ever been in a classroom where a debate got so heated you could feel the tension in the air? Have you ever been so stressed out that all it would take is one person saying the wrong thing to you to make you snap? Have you ever met someone who makes extremely insensitive comments about people of a different race or sexual orientation from themselves?

Now, imagine those situations where your fellow students were legally permitted to carry guns.

When debates get heated or students reach a certain level of stress, it is no secret that people can transform into unkind versions of themselves. This makes allowing guns on campus extremely dangerous to students and faculty.

Not only is it dangerous to college students’ well-being, but it also threatens the institution of collegiate learning altogether.

When students begin to fear for their safety, they will no longer be comfortable debating or being themselves. Some might even be distracted knowing that at any moment someone in their classroom could be legally carrying a gun.

Thankfully, guns are currently not allowed on college campuses in the state of Georgia and hopefully they never will be.


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