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American flag photo sparks unwarranted criticism

Written by: Erin Martin, Staff Writer 

A Virginia photographer received harsh comments after posting a picture of her work on social media.

The controversy surrounding the picture of a baby swaddled in an American flag went viral and caused a backlash that quickly elevated.

After Vanessa Hicks took a picture of her friend and Navy veteran holding his newborn child in an American flag and posted it on her Facebook page, she quickly received disapproval on her poor taste and choice to take such a picture including the flag.

People from all forms of social media spoke on the pictures. Though the comments ranged from disapproval to praise, Hicks was swarmed with plenty of criticism.

A huge response from social media came from another Facebook page called “You Call Yourself a Photographer?” where they posted Hicks’ picture along with a comment saying: “The flag is not a prop. I repeat: THE FLAG IS NOT A PROP.”

Since hearing about the issue, I can’t help but wonder where the country’s patriotism has gone. A picture so precious and special to the new parents turned into a negative battle over the flag.

Although the American flag has deep rooted meanings and emotions attached to it, it is not a human. It is sacred to some, but to others it is merely a piece of cloth with colors on it. To personally attack someone for their stance is not fair. Though many have come to her defense, Hicks let it be known that she didn’t disrespect the flag and had no intentions to do so.

The beautiful message I received from the picture only sent me inspiring and encouraging sentiments towards the youth of our country.

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