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Letter from an editor: Dear Juniors…

Photo taken by Stella Henderson/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Tyra Mills, Social Media Editor

This is a pivotal year for you. You are no longer a freshman, and you’ve survived sophomore year and it’s not quite time for graduation. Do you know where you’re going to live after graduation? Do you know where you want to work? Where do you see yourself in five years? These are all questions you should be searching for the answers to throughout your junior year.  You would rather be early and organized, than late and missing out on opportunities.

Junior year is fun because most people turn 21 that year.  Twenty-one is seen as the golden age for most young adults, because you are finally recognized as an adult. However, being 21 and a junior, you shouldn’t let it drive you off course of your goals in life. It is better to, as the saying goes, get your ducks all in a row, before you indulge in countless activities that aren’t really beneficial.

This is your junior year, so make it count! You’re halfway finished with college.  Set time aside each week to make progress towards your future career goals. Call businesses you are interested in working for and see about their internship programs. Sit in on as many business oriented events the campus has! Take part in all of the career fairs, and visit career services to see if they can help you get what you need to be successful in the future. Enjoy your junior year and have fun, but don’t forget to be smart! Work hard, play later!


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