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Hopper implements new upgrades for residents

Photo Illustration by Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Jamel Shorter, Staff Writer

Housing and Residence Life has been busy this past school year with planning and executing the many different ways they wanted to change the scope of what it means to “live on campus.”

“This is my first year living on campus, and living on campus is so different from Blanton. Blanton had so much more space and it’s an adjustment to get used to. Hopper is cool though,” said Alexis Brooks, business management major and Hopper resident.

In the past year, on-campus housing has gotten a bad rep. Students have talked about how color cards were tedious and how much of a hassle it was to have visitors.

According to the Residence Hall Director, Angel Maxwell, Hopper Hall—the upperclassmen, suite-style dorm—has many projects that are in the works. Maxwell is one of the newest residence hall directors who started in August 2015. He’s from Southern California, and he is a graduate of California State University, San Bernardino where he was a resident advisor and hall coordinator for two years.

The use of color cards is still being implemented in Hopper Hall to ensure the safety of the residents and staff. Maxwell said that they are becoming more economically and environmentally savvy, and they are saving money and paper by doing personal inventory statements electronically with iPads and also with checking visitors in and out.

Maxwell also spoke about the update with getting new computers for the hall, in the offices, and front desk. The laundry rooms were also an issue, and they are being improved as well. Maxwell said that the Housing and Residence Life department were moving towards getting new washers and dryers for students in Hopper Hall, as well as Converse Hall, the other hall that he is over.

These projects are currently underway and should be completed by the end of the semester or beginning of next semester.

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