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Ben Carson: The controversy surrounding his most recent comments

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson speaks with the media before addressing supporters at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif., on Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015. (Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

Written by Jamel Shorter, Staff Writer

Ben Carson is a renowned and well-known neurosurgeon. Now retired, he has chosen to take on another chapter of his life, which is politics. Carson is a presidential candidate for the Republican Party, he along with Donald Trump, Mark Rubio and Chris Christie all have the aspiration and goals of becoming the leader of this free world. Carson has been known for his controversial statements in the media during debates. Carson has talked about everything from the Affordable Healthcare Act to “being gay is a choice” due to the prevalence of the correctional system. In a poll of 900 Republican adults, 24% say that Ben Carson has their vote in the upcoming election; as peer Donald Trump falls to 17% in the polls.

Carson, on Sunday, September 27, 2015, made comments concerning the possibility of having a Muslim president and his disdain for such topic. Carson sat down with Jake Tapper in an interview on his show “State of the Union.” Carson stated, “…You have to reject the tenets of Islam.” These remarks came almost a week after he said he wouldn’t advocate for that we put a Muslim in charge of [this] nation. When it boils down to what was said, Carson wants anyone who wants to run for president of the United States and just so happens to be Muslim they have to renounce their denomination of religion in order to fall in line within the traditional and American viewpoint of the Constitution.

Ben Carson, a man of color and someone who had to fight his way to the lead neurosurgeon position at Johns Hopkins, should know better than anyone the trials and tribulations of a minority to rise to a position of power. When he made these comments, whether he believed them or not, it allowed for people how were Muslim or respect the Muslim religion to find him reckless and insensitive. Making remarks in 2015 about religion or sexual orientation are hot button issues.

Although these comments can be considered racist, Carson shouldn’t be deemed a racist. These were strictly taken out of context, and it ended up being a PR nightmare. His campaign business manager could be heard of camera saying, “This interview is over.” In the future Ben Carson should be more aware of his words, not saying he can’t express his opinions, like presidential hopeful Donald Trump, just be more cautious of what is actually coming out his mouth.

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  1. JJ Snickerdoodle

    Could that quote be more out of context?


    CARSON: Of course Muslims can be patriotic. I’ve worked with Muslims. I’ve trained Muslims. I’ve operated on Muslims. There are a lot of Muslims who are very patriotic. Good Americans and they gladly admit, at least privately, that they don’t accept sharia or the doctrines and they understand that Islam is a system of living and it includes the way that you relate to the government. And you cannot, unless you specifically, deny that portion of Islam be a Muslim in good standing. Now if that is the case, if you are not willing to reject that, then how in the world can you possibly be the President of the United States.

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