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Flu season has arrived, VSU health center offers vaccinations

Written by Jyrell Wynn, Staff Writer

As flu season approaches, Valdosta State is gearing up for the upcoming season.

Some VSU students are already getting their shots for the flu such as Cole Horne. Horne, a senior majoring in legal assistant studies, plans to get his flu shot today.

“I’m concerned enough to get the shot, “said Horne.

The three common kinds of flu virus strains are influenza A(H1N1) viruses, influenza A(H3N2) viruses, and influenza B viruses.

Flu vaccines are designed to protect against these types of flu viruses that will be reported this season.

Although the flu has affected many college campuses, VSU has had no documented cases in its records.

Josh Tetlow, a senior majoring in theatre, isn’t really worried about the flu.

“If I know someone has it, I’m a little more cautious, “said Tetlow.

His game plan for flu season is just working through it.

“I have a strong immune system, so I don’t get sick often,” said Tetlow.

To avoid getting the flu and keeping our spotless record, the CDC has determined three precautions that can prevent college students from getting sick. They are make time to get a flu vaccine, take action everyday to prevent spreading of germs, and take antiviral prescriptions if you are required to from your doctor.

VSU Health Center will be administering flu vaccines that will protect against four flu viruses.

October 15 is Global Hand Washing Day, so make sure to locate the health center staff on campus. They will be handing out informational brochures and hand sanitizer to keep you healthy.


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