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Brave Space invites open discussion for LGBT community

Written by Tresia Bowles, Staff Writer

Last Thursday, Oct. 15, the first session of “Brave Space” started in the Student Union. Brave Space is an open forum for any member of the LGBTQIAP+ community to come and discuss various topics. The forum is open to students, faculty, staff and graduate students to have serious discussions concerning current issues within the community.

Brave Space also gave participants a chance to become more aware of sensitive issues, and have an open floor to talk about personal issues for those who need help. Pride Connection and Gay Straight Alliance were both participants in the forum.

The event was hosted by Desiree’ Carson and Becca Smith, both co-founders of Brave Space. Carson said that Brave Space is different from other events discussing LGBTQIAP+ issues because it’s not on a specific agenda with minutes such as GSA, but more of an open discussion.

Different experiences were discussed, as well as conversations about getting support. A debate on bisexuality and pansexuailty was another topic of discussion.

“Being here in the South has affected their experiences, some have it easier than others”, Carson said.

Carson plans to continue to grow Brave Space and do more to bring in community exposure, such as hosting an event on the front lawn and having more events.

LGBTQIAP+ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual and Pansexual. Carson says that there are other identifications outside of the community such as romantic, ally, questioning, and demi.

Adrianna Rodriguez, Vice President of GSA says she believes that these panels will generate some positivity here at VSU.

“I think Brave Space is a neat idea,” Rodriguez said. “I feel like the goal is to show that the campus is accepting of faculty, staff, and students who all identify in the LGBT community and that we can be open and free with our identity in an environment that isn’t going to harm us.”

More information about Brave Space can be obtained attend at one of the next meetings which will take place every other Thursday until December.

“It’s not supposed to be therapy, but I’ve had people come up to me and say that they finally found a place where they’re comfortable enough to speak,” Carson said.

The next Brave Space meeting is on Thursday, Oct. 29.


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