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Adele reclaims her throne, The Drake memes keep rolling and trouble for Jimmy Fallon?

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Kayla Stroud, Web Editor

The Queen reclaims her throne
Singer Adele released her first single since going on hiatus after giving birth to her first child.  She had all but disappeared from the public eye for four long years. So when it was announced that she was releasing new music this month, it seemed inevitable that fans worldwide would be clamoring for a taste.

Since its release, her single, Hello, has seemingly broken every record known to man. It is expected to roll in one million in its first week. The video accompanying the song broke Taylor Swift’s Vevo single day view count by 6 million views. It also ousted previous title holder Miley Cyrus  as the fastest video to hit 100 million views with 100,079,462 in a mere 114 hours.

More artists should take cues from her. Falling off the map for an extended period of time seemed to have only made her popularity grow.

Jimmy Fallon may have a problem
Just four months shy of almost losing a finger on his left hand, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon had to be rushed to the hospital after yet another hand-wringing incident. While in Boston to receive Harvard University’s Lampoon award, the comedian tripped and cut his right hand on his bottle Jägermeister. Either he’s the world’s biggest klutz or there might be something else going on at…hand. According to RadarOnline, Fallon may be suffering from a possible substance abuse problem. The site claims that NBC execs want to have an intervention for the late night host and are trying to keep this whole ordeal under wraps. Fallon’s reps, however, have denied this claim. This isn’t his first alcohol related incident to make headlines, so who knows what’s the truth.

The Drake meme train continues chugging along
And you thought you’d get tired of those wheelchair Jimmy memes? After the release of the video for his hit *cough* copycat *cough* single Hotline Bling, a new era of Drake memes were born. In the video, the rapper dad-danced to his hearts’ content. He danced in a turtleneck. He danced in a bubble coat. He danced in his overpriced OVO sweatshirt. I don’t exactly know what I expected going into watching this video but I never imagined watching Cha Cha for four and a half minutes. So, as we send out this overused meme here is a compilation of some of my personal favorite Hotline Bling vids.


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