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Highly-aclaimed ‘Steve Jobs’ film fails to draw audience

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Written by Terrance Johnson, Staff Writer

Despite great reviews from the likes of the New York Times, Rotten Apple and a few other sites for the critics, “Steve Jobs” has failed at the box office, mirroring the company’s humble beginnings. Directors Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle’s movie has been pulled from 2,072 screens nationwide, including Valdosta Stadium Cinemas 16.

After bringing in just $17,712,64 3 in the U.S, “Steve Jobs” is now only showing in 421 theatres. The film’s budget was $30 million. “Steve Jobs” has just barely made more than a similar, earlier movie starring Ashton Kutcher as Jobs.

“It didn’t look good on Apple, so important people (Tim Cook) were prone to discredit the movie’s authenticity,” Vincent Moore, junior computer science major, said. “Steve Jobs is never held in a positive light in the movie and that may turn off many of his supporters. There wasn’t much story to tell. It mostly shined on some of his relationships with other people but you had to already know who they were to truly follow along with what was happening.”

Boyle offers his own opinion of why the film flopped. The film rolled out too wide too soon, but Boyle was quick to clarify that he wouldn’t criticize Universal for its strategy.

“The movie had great directing and it accomplished what it set out to, but it had no story to captivate an audience that wanted to know the story behind Apple,” Moore said. “It turned some people’s superhero into a selfish, deadbeat father with anger issues and an obsession over his work. It was a good movie, but I wouldn’t say consumer friendly.”

“Steve Jobs” has been in select theatres in Los Angeles and New York since Oct. 9, yet has only grossed a meager $23,815,464 worldwide.

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  1. The problem-in my highly personal opinion- is that the subject appears dull from an audience point of view. To a business major, maybe there would be some interest, but to the average movie going person, little to no charisma as a movie. No kerb appeal!

    Fans of The gifted Michael Fassbender , won’t know what to expect(unfortunately so much attention has been focused on his remarkable sexual equipment( how inappropriate for George Clooney to make a joke about a nominated actor’ penis at the Oscars!), that it has overshadowed( pun intended) his talents as a legitimate actor.

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