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Temporary Tattoo Part Two: A preview and a how-to-guide on how to wear Momentary Ink

Written by Julia Rodriquez, Asst. Opinions Editor

You can wear your dream tattoo without the pain.  It’s not forever, but you can have it with Momentary Ink.  An earlier article introduced the website Momentaryink.com, where you can take an image for a test run before it becomes a permanent part of your body.  These fake tattoos are meant to look real, and meant to last at least a week so that you can get an idea of how the tattoo will look on your body, work with your wardrobe and to see how popular it is with friends and family.

The advertisements sound great but how do these tattoos live up to the way they’re talked about by the people selling them?  Well, after buying and trying some out, it can surely be said that they do look real.  As for durability, hassle and application, you may decide it’s not worth it.

Everything you need for application will be inside the packet that comes in the mail.  There are clear directions included that will walk you through the process.  Similar to fake tattoos you would get in a grocery store vending machine, you apply the image by pressing it to the skin with a wet washcloth.  After 30 seconds you will peel back the paper and the tattoo should be left on the skin.  If you are applying to a not-so-flat part of your body, you will want to order two because the tattoo will not apply so easily and you might need a backup.

Once applied to the skin, allow it to dry for three minutes, then, spray the entire image with the provided, blue, sealant spray.  Let this dry for another three minutes and then paint on, with the provided brush, the pink matte serum. The serum dries quickly and is meant to take away the shine.  It is this step that really makes the tattoo look authentic.

Any areas of the skin where the matte serum was applied may become itchy because it can dry out your skin.  However, try to refrain from scratching, as you could ruin the tattoo.  You will also notice that it feels very much like a fake tattoo, in the sense that you can feel it stretch and crinkle as you move.

So long as you are cautious not to scrub your tattoo in the shower or get too sweaty, it should last.  It stands up to dry clothes rubbing on it, but not wet. If you play sports or work out, try to wait until a rest day to apply the tattoo because sweat combined with clothes rubbing against the image will ruin it.

Overall, the way it looks really sells it.  The purpose of Momentary Ink tattoos is to allow you to see how an image will look on your body before making the big commitment.  It follows through on its main function.

Cost and hassle may deter you, but the price of Momentary Ink compared to tattoo removal is very small.  Remember that if you do not like the way these look, they’re only temporary.  If you do not like the way a real tattoo looks, you’re stuck with it.

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  1. Julia,
    What a great idea! Having a temporary tattoo is a great idea before making a lifetime commitment to a permanent tattoo. I seen a lot of “tattoo regret” in my 18+ years of removing tattoos by laser.
    Posted by Patricia R., Dermatology Nurse Practitioner @ Tattoo Removal Laser Clinic in San Diego, CA 858.272.2021 http://www.trlaser.com

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