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New way to search Netflix

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Written by Meaghan Bitters, Asst. Advertising Editor

The price to take a date to the movie theatre has nearly doubled in the past ten years. Because it’s now roughly $45 for two adult tickets, two large drinks and a large popcorn, Netflix is becoming a substitution to the traditional movie date. The Netflix movie date ideal has become extremely popular these past couple of months with all the “Netflix n Chill” hype.

There are many positives to Netflix n Chill such as being able to watch movies in the privacy and comfort of your home, or really anywhere with Wi-Fi, and you save money on snacks by avoiding theatre concession prices. Pretty much anything goes with Netflix n Chill; you can play drinking games with your date while watching the movie or impress them by cooking them dinner followed by a Netflix movie; the options are limitless. It’s safe to say it’s easier to spice up the night while on a Netflix n Chill date than on a movie theatre date.

Movies on Netflix are great, but what happens when you run out of options? Luckily, a Netflix hack has recently gone viral and has changed the Netflix game forever. This hack allows Netflix users to unlock thousands of secret movie genres. Here’s how you do it: log into your account through the Netflix website, click on a movie genre; the URL for Action movies should look something like this: “http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/1365” if you delete the numbers and replace them with “43040” you’ll get Action Comedies. This works for any genre, just delete the numbers in the URL and replace them with a code to unlock your desired movie genre. “According to Gizmodo, there are nearly 77,000 secret Netflix genre codes to choose from.” (idigitaltimes.com) To access the full list of Netflix codes go to: HERE

Enjoy, fellow Netflix lovers.

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