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Keep cable, or jump in the stream?

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Streaming gives many more options

Written by Carlius Williams, Staff Writer

In the year 2016, I find it crazy that people still spend tons of money on cable television and cable boxes when everything can be streamed via the internet. Streaming also known as “internet-based television” is on the rise. With major networks like ESPN, HBO, Nickelodeon, and CBS making all their shows available on the internet with only a small monthly fee and no contract, no equipment rental and no unreliable customer service. There’s never been a better time to kick your cable box to the curb.

In layman’s terms, streaming is lit. Getting rid of an extra cable and/or satellite bill seems like the move when you can watch a whole season of a show from basically any device that allows you to connect to the internet. Of course, the only thing that would stop you from streaming would be weak connection. It’s important that you have strong connection when it’s time for “Netflix and chill.”

Streaming hours peak when everyone is in from class so give or take 6p.m. to 10p.m. It is important to have a strong connection when you’re procrastinating on a paper and want to watch the game at the same time. Buffering is to streaming what a thunderstorm is to a good satellite connection. It is vital that your ISP gives you a decent amount of internet at least 10MBps for a small family. Netflix takes up at least 5MPbs and costs $8 a month so, give or take, you may need the extra to make sure it loads up and does not buffer. Most streaming services can be costly, but given all the different discounts and “ways around the system”, they could be very affordable.

To enjoy a good day of streaming: make sure Adobe’s Flash Player is updated, close out or finish all downloads, change/lower the video quality, and instead of going wireless, hook up directly to the router. These have all proved to be successful to me when I need to turn in some late work and I just missed the new episode of Empire. Streaming is very clutch and reliable.

Comcast has become the first cable provider to switch to $15 a month streaming services. This is trendsetting and allows those who never planned on getting cable anyway to have a cheaper route to stream television and movies. Xfinity Stream is basically hand-in-hand with HBO Now, available on most Apple products. This is not Comcast’s first time beating out competition into a new market. They were the first company to offer an internet and HBO bundle. The only thing wrong with Xfinity Stream is that it is only available to Comcast customers.

“We want to make ordering Stream as easy as buying a song online,” Matt Strauss, EVP and G.M. of video services at Comcast, said in announcing the new service Monday.


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