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Rapper 2 Chainz to pull up to VSU with his ‘ceiling missing’

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Written by Jada Dukes, Staff Writer

Earlier this month, VSU president Dr. Cecil Staton released a statement via his Twitter announcing the arrival of Tauheed Epps, better known as Mr. 2Chainz (and four bracelets).

Staton’s tweet stated that the College Park rapper would be touching down on VSU’s campus on April 15 2016.  Contrary to popular belief, this event is being presented by the university. Currently, there are no student organizations listed as cohorts to the event; although students are able to purchase tickets from the student life office (located in the student union) from 8am to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursdays and from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Fridays.

During an interview, Dr. Staton explained why he thought it was a good idea to invite a big time performer to VSU.

“I want our students here to have just as good an experience at Valdosta state as students might have at other schools,” Staton said.

Staton went on to mention that he had noticed that other schools such as Kennesaw State and Georgia Southern were bringing big name celebrities on campus which prompted him to want to do the same for VSU students. When asked how the decision to bring 2Chainz to VSU was actually made Staton made it clear  that it all came down to the availability of the artist and not the specific artist themselves “There was no rocket science or great plan, this was someone who was available. The goal was to bring the biggest artist we could,” said Dr. Staton.

An email was sent out from the office of the president stating that the concert would be held at the P.E. Complex at 5 p.m. The email also stated that 2Chainz would be bringing special guests Ray Jr, KBM, Cap 1, Skooly, and DJ Krillz would be on the sound booth.

Tickets for the event are going to be $20 for VSU who are currently enrolled and have a valid identification card and $50 for the general public. Tickets purchased by VSU students will come with a wristband allowing them access to the floor area located directly in front of the stage. Non-VSU students will be able to purchase tickets on www.VSUConcert.com.

According to the VSU website students are encouraged to get their tickets as soon as possible, because there are only 6,300 tickets available but only 3,300 of them are going to be for students and 3,000 for the general public. Dr. Staton says the he “hopes that students will purchase their tickets early,” because after a certain time period, any leftover tickets will be made accessible to the general public.

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