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Comfort food to eat before heading back to school

Written by Kayla Stroud, Web Editor

When first heading off to college you hear of all the exciting new adventures that you are in for – loads of new friends, banging parties, and no parents (that’s the best, huh?).  However, what they fail to mention in the school’s orientation packet is the lack of food options that awaits you.

Oh yeah, of course they’ll talk up the four or five eateries that they have on campus. But once your wallet runs dry and you can no longer afford that or you can’t tolerate the taste of McDonalds after dining there 5 times this past week, what’s the next option? The cafeteria? Yeah, no.

While cooking a nice meal in your apartment is cool and all, there is nothing quite like the comfort food of home. Plus, it’s way less work.

So, if you beg your family hard enough, maybe they will indulge your starving college student needs and give you that ‘last meal’ before heading off to the figurative prison known as university living here are a couple meals to add to your wish list.

Nothing better than one of these things straight off the grill. Slap some bacon and lettuce on it? I could gobble 5 of these in one sitting.

Not sure why but seafood –no matter the type- is a food that I rarely eat if it isn’t made from home.

Cupcakes, homemade candy, red velvet cake, muffins, cookies. Whichever they decide to make? Just take it.

Mac and Cheese
I could eat this delectable god-like appetizer for at any time of the day without care. It can fill anyone up real quick.

While there are dozens of places to pick up a quick chicken meal, it just doesn’t have that same taste until it’s made by family.

Now this is a true definition of comfort food. Unless the restaurant is a top notch, you’d rarely go out and order some. It’s just something that tastes 10 times better made at home.

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