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VSU student lands in rap song

Written by Jada Dukes, Staff Writer

Donald Trump’s appearance at VSU in February made headlines after about 30 VSU students were removed from his rally. Now, over a month later, one of the 30 students removed from the rally is making headlines in the music world with an interview she gave after being kicked out.

The day after the Trump rally incident, there were images and videos of the VSU students on a multitude of media outlets, such as MSNBC, CNN, and USA TODAY. Among these interviews, many have seen the video of a teary-eyed Tahjila Davis. Just moments after being kicked out of the rally, Davis is seen in a video recorded by a USA TODAY news reporter vehemently expressing her feelings on the incident.

Although it may seem as if everything has blown over, Davis is now once again in the limelight, as she has recently been featured on a rap song written by well-known rappers, YG and Nipsey Hussle. On March 30, Hussle released his new song, entitled “FDT,” via his Twitter. The first 20 seconds of the song has Davis’s statement from the USA TODAY video play right before Hussle begins repeating the phrase “f**k Donald Trump”.

Davis says she found out about the song while she was sitting in class. She says that a friend of hers mentioned her on Twitter and asked if that was her voice at the beginning of the song. The sophomore mass media major said that her initial reaction to the song was excitement, because she “loves Hip-Hop and being that it was YG and Nipsey Hussle it just felt amazing.”

Although she is a huge hip-hop fan, Davis says that she thinks the song is “too vulgar,” but she understands that the world of hip-hop “has no filter whatsoever,” so she is not too upset about the harsh lyrics. Davis says that she sees it as “an honor” to be featured on a song by two artists of whom she respects deeply, but she also feels that she should have been contacted before the song was to be released.

Davis says that either of the two rappers could have taken time to contact USA TODAY to get her contact information so that they could ask for her permission to use her vocals on the song. Davis also wishes to be compensated for the song in some way.

“If I could at least get $1,000 to go towards my tuition or whatever I need for school that would be great. Or at least put me in a music video,” Davis said.

Davis might just get her wish, because it has been confirmed that both of the rappers are currently in the process of filming a music video for their new song. Davis says that all of the publicity she has been receiving from the USA TODAY video and will be receiving from the rap song is great and that she thinks it will “shed a light on what’s really happening.”

Lastly, Davis says that her Blazer pride is not at all tarnished and she has every intention of finishing her undergraduate career at Valdosta State University.



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  1. How embarrassing.

    Thirty of our students so disrespected Donald Trump’s right to free speech that they were ejected from a rally he organized and paid to be able to communicate his message?

    What’s going on here? Are we really that uncivilized?

    This is pathetic.

    Just pathetic.

    Snd lyrics in the rap song make the blacks singing it appear like stupid thugs. Or thuggish imbeciles.

    Take your pick.

  2. Danielle Everson Williams

    Nice Article! Loving your coverage Jada. Keep up the good work!
    – Danielle, CO 2010, Spectator, VSU Alumna

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